Customize Your Home Screen: iOS 18 Empowers Users to Personalize App Icon Layout

Apple seems to be preparing to release iOS 18, which will completely change the way users interact with the iPhone Home Screen. This is a potentially revolutionary move. Expected to make its premiere at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024, people with knowledge of Apple’s plans indicate that this update will give users unmatched control over the interface of their device, which is a big change from previous versions.

Apple Prepares iOS 18 to Change iPhone Home Screens

The Home Screen will get the most extensive redesign in recent memory with the upcoming iOS 18 update. Insider reports state that customers can anticipate a degree of personalization for iOS devices never before seen. Although the Home Screen’s basic grid structure is anticipated to remain, iOS 18 will give users previously unheard-of flexibility in customizing app icons to suit their preferences.

The ability to alter the row and column layouts between app icons and to create blank spaces will be among iOS 18’s most notable features. With this extra flexibility, users will be able to customize and easily navigate the Home Screen, turning it into a blank canvas for organizing and self-expression.

This information comes after Mark Gurman’s earlier report from Bloomberg suggested that iOS 18 would bring with it a “more customizable” Home Screen for iPhones. In contrast to existing solutions that depend on third-party apps like Widgetsmith and Shortcuts, Apple’s native integration is anticipated to provide a smooth and intuitive method for customizing the Home Screen.

The increased emphasis on user control is in line with the direction that iOS 16 took, introducing a wide range of customization options for the Lock Screen. With iOS 18, Apple promises the biggest redesign of the Home Screen in living memory, demonstrating its commitment to pushing user empowerment to new heights.

Along with improvements to the Home Screen, iOS 18 is expected to bring several novel features. This involves incorporating generative AI features into Siri and other apps, which could lead to an all-around more intuitive and interactive user experience. Moreover, the Messages app’s support for RCS messaging could help users of Android and iPhone communicate more easily by bridging the gap.

Tech enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting more information on the design changes and unannounced features that could be included in the update, as excitement mounts for the official unveiling of iOS 18 at WWDC in June 2024. These observations provide a fascinating look into the future of iPhone customization and user experience up until that point. As the countdown to iOS 18 goes on, stay tuned for more information.


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