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Craving Tech’s reviews are now on TestSeek.com

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Some time ago, I was contacted by TestSeek for a permission to include my reviews on their massive reviews database. Why not? I did some quick background check on their rankings before I said yes and with an Alexa Rank of 88k, I couldn’t say no.

Actually, from the info I grabbed from them:

TestSeek started out back in 2005 with the mission to create a shopping portal where tech savvy consumers could find all expert reviews. More that, we wanted to give consumers an average expert review rating from trusted sources only and we wanted to make all this info available at one website. We felt that using Google or any other traditional search engine just wasn’t an option because they gave us too many irrelevant results from webshops selling the product; news sites talking about the specification of the product or just other spammy sites publishing fake reviews. So during the past five years we have been busy with developing a technology for aggregating and presenting this info to consumers in the way they want.

As of now, most of my review posts (if not all) have been automatically added to their website.

craving tech

I haven’t received any significant traffic yet from testseek.com but hopefully it will grow in time. So, make sure you contact them if you have on-going review posts on your blog too. The benefits will be mutual to both parties if you hop in.

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