Compilation of iPhone 4S Siri funny responses

SiriCan never get enough of Siri (the personal assistant on iPhone 4S devices)? A blog, What Siri is Saying, is trying to collect all the best and funniest responses to questions or commands made to Siri. I’m sure you must have read the popular ones like “What is the meaning of life” or “Will you marry me” but how about other obscure things such as “What are you wearing?” or “What do you want for Christmas?”.

What Siri is Saying allows iPhone 4S users to upload a screenshot of their funny Siri responses to the blog, vote, and also comment on others’ submission. It is giving away a £100 Amazon voucher to the best submission.

Basically when you upload the screenshot, others can vote and comment on it. If your submission is on the top of the Leaderboard by Friday 2nd of December at 13.00 GMT, you’ll win the £100 Amazon voucher! Of course, you can ask for your friends or blog readers to vote for you if you like.

Since you can see the Leaderboard, you can track your progress and if you are losing, get more friends to vote for your submission to ensure your victory!

What Siri is saying

If you don’t have an iPhone 4S, don’t worry! You can just submit your question with a tweet or post on their Facebook wall. They’ll ask Siri themselves to get the response. If it’s a good one, they’ll put it up on the blog for your behalf. Cool, eh? The aim of the competition is to uncover as many Siri Easter Eggs as possible and compile them into blog posts.

So head off there if you like and try to win that voucher! You can grab a new book, DVD, or other items from Amazon for your early Christmas gift.

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