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Check out the world’s first cryptocurrency for food

Liven Messina

Liven is a popular rewards app for food that has been around for quite some time. I use it quite regularly every now and then whenever I eat (or drink) at my favourite places. I’d also give a try out at new, Liven supported restaurants.

It’s not bad at all and a great way to save. For example, if you eat in a Liven supported restaurant, you can get around 15%-30% back (around $2-3 for a $12 meal) which will be converted into Liven credits. The next time you eat in another Liven supported restaurant (or the same place), you can use your credits and pay less. You’ll also earn more credits, it’s pretty awesome.

And recently, Liven has gone through some changes, especially by launching their own cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) designed specifically for the hospitality industry, called LivenCoin (LVN). As a result, my credits before are now being converted into LivenCoins cryptocurrency. So it’s like earning Bitcoins by eating in restaurants.

At the moment, 1 LVN = 2 Australian cents until they launch the dynamic exchange rate (so yes, its value can change just like any cryptocurrency).

Liven appLiven app

You can also send your LVN to a friend (like sending money) and later on, sell your LivenCoin.

Liven supports many Australian restaurants that I love like NeNe Chicken, Raan Kan Eang (or Thai Culinary), Messina, Gong Cha, Lord of the Fries, Brunetti, 8Bit, and more.

It’s promising and easy because you are going to eat there anyway, why not earn cryptocurrency coins while at it? Joining is free too.

So if you like to join and earn LivenCoin (LVN), make sure to use my referral code U7XH to get a $10 reward to your first meal (disclaimer: I’ll get $10 as well).

The Liven App can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play.

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