Best party game for Nintendo Switch – Rabbids: Party of Legends Review

Rabbids: Party of Legends Review – Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is my most favourite party game of all time. I played this back in Nintendo Wii and had been our go-to Christmas party game every Christmas. You can play it with up to 4 people in the same room and the game is just fun, hectic, and iconic. This was back in 2007! (Yes, I’m that old)

I haven’t found anything as fun after, even with the sequel and other similar games like Mario Party. But looks like Rabbids: Party of Legends can finally fill that longing and becomes a party game on Nintendo Switch that is not as slow-paced as Mario Party and has that hilarious characters and moments I truly loved.

Rabbids: Party of Legends is a multiplayer, party game with 50 fun mini-games to play locally with up to 4 friends. Sure, you can play on your own (Adventure Mode) and there’s a story in the game, but it’s more like a placeholder because local, multiplayer is where this game shines the brightest.

Each player uses a single JoyCon controller and a minigame can either be a “Free for All” or a “2 on 2” mode. I like how you can choose to have the team selected randomly on the “2 on 2” mode or set beforehand. We had a “girls vs boys team” fun time a couple of days ago here at my home.

With around 50 mini-games to play that utilises the JoyCon (motion, gyroscope, and button presses), there are plenty of games to go through and they are varied as well. You can let it choose the games randomly but you can also select the games you want on the rotation.

There are games that require concentrations (being able to memorise things), stamina (rotating your controllers with certain motions repeatedly), wits, coordination, and more. Before you start, there are clear instructions displayed on the screen so new players will know what to expect and how to play the game.

Most games are pretty simple to play so they all can be played by anyone. When you play, you can also set how long you want to play (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc) so it’s great if you just want to do a quick burst of fun and rotate the players around quicker.

The characters and games need to be unlocked but these can be done as you play. You’ll earn points and once you have enough points, things will get unlocked automatically. I definitely prefer having all the games unlocked from the start but thankfully there are more than enough good, starting games to play through with friends. Besides, this means there is excitement when you unlock a new game while playing with your friends and everyone then wants to try it out for the first time.

I do miss the originality of Raving Rabbids 2 still, though. A minigame where you use your phone in a cinema and when the staff arrives, you quickly send a text to others to frame them instead? Or how about throwing stuff at the back of your teacher while he’s writing on the board and then frame someone else as he angrily turns around? And lastly, how about drinking from a soda can can as fast as you can and see who has the most powerful burp that can blow buildings to the moon? There are a few games that I really miss from Raving Rabbids 2 that I wish make a comeback here on Rabbids: Party of Legends. A few of them do thankfully, but I guess I have to move on at some point and just enjoy the new take on these memorable characters.

There are a few games where it requires you to draw with your JoyCon or point to something on the screen quickly. However, we could notice the latency when moving the JoyCon quickly and it reduced the enjoyment a bit. I’m not sure if this is my JoyCon/Console issue but it looks like there are things to try to fix JoyCon lag or latencies – which I’ll try again when I have the time.

Rabbids: Party of Legends Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a party game that you can enjoy playing with up to 4 friends on a single TV, this is it. Rabbids: Party of Legends is a fun, competitive party game that focuses on just playing various, fun mini games where everyone is on their own or working together as a team of two.

I personally prefer Rabbids:Party of Legends than Mario Party because you don’t need to spend the slow and long process of playing a board, watching cut scenes, and having to play a long game in a session. While you can just play the mini games in Mario Party, there is no ranking system and the mini games aren’t as fun as Rabbids:Party of Legends (thanks to its hilarious characters, settings, and the encouragement to whack other players while playing the mini game).

Each game also has instructions on screen and everyone can enjoy playing Rabbids: Party of Legends compared to having to teach them how to play Mario Strikers: Battle League or Mario Kart – which can take a while to master and can be a bit daunting to those who are not used to playing games.

If you have a Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One, and love to have a party with friends (at home or somewhere else), you definitely need to add Rabbids: Party of Legends to your game collection. Swearing, shouting, and laughter are guaranteed!

Disclosure: Rabbids: Party of Legends review licence was supplied for reviewing



One of the best (if not the best) party game on Nintendo Switch with up to 4 players support


  • Fun, whacky, hilarious mini games
  • Variety of mini games with different skills and luck needed
  • Up to 4 players support
  • Great options/flexibilities to choose before you start (length of match to play, random or preset team, random or preset mini games)


  • No online multiplayer
  • Lack the idea originality of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
  • Lack of engaging story (though it doesn’t need one, really)
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