Apple now prevent app reviews if you are running iOS Beta

no app reviews ios betav

is what you will get when you try to review an app on the App Store while you are running iOS 9 Beta (or iOS Beta for the future, possibly).

Previously, users could submit a review of apps even when they were running a beta version of the iOS. It sounds fine, but in reality, many frustrated users vented their anger to the wrong place when they found out that their favorite apps were crashing on an iOS Beta (though no one seems to complain on BBM crashes on iOS 9 Beta).

As a result, it gives an app a really bad rating, even if it’s not supposed to. For a start, you shouldn’t write bad reviews because the app doesn’t work on a Beta OS. It IS Beta and you are not meant to use a Beta OS for a day-to-day use and treat it like a final product.

However, expectations are that if an app crashes on an iOS Beta, users would expect developers to put up “a fix” and submit it to the App Store. Many developers do this, but if they are not, it’s not their fault. They are not under obligations to provide an update yet, at least not until the next iOS version has officially been released.

Thankfully, Apple jumps into the game today (finally) and decides to block users from reviewing when they are running iOS Beta (iOS 9 Beta 4 to be exact).

I’m pretty sure Apple is going to keep this restriction on the future iOS Beta.

Source: Apple Insider

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