Apple Music now works with Alexa in Australia

For a while now, you can use Alexa-supported Amazon Echo speakers like the Echo Dot (which I’m still reviewing at the moment) or any speakers plugged into the Amazon Echo Link/Link Amp, or even the Sonos One speakers to play your favourite music via Alexa voice commands.

You can say things like “Alexa, play Norah Jones at the Lounge” and it would play from your favourite music streaming services like Spotify or Deezer (which I’m currently using). However, Echo product owners in Australia couldn’t get Apple Music to work with Alexa yet due to country limitations.

But today, all things have changed as Australians can now use Alexa to play music from Apple Music!

If you are subscribed to Apple Music and have been using Spotify Free account on your Alexa-supported devices at home, it’s time to change your default music streaming service preference back to Apple Music. You can do this through the Alexa app and by logging in to your Apple Music account in it.

This is certainly good news for Apple Music subscribers.

It’s Google’s turn now to work hard to make Apple Music available on their devices such as the Google Home Hub (which I’m reviewing at the moment also).
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