Titanfall 2 Review – Standby for Titanfall. Again.

Titanfall 2 Review – The first Titanfall was a blast and changed the whole paradigm of first-person shooter games with its new wall-running feature. A mix of fast-paced action combined with slower, fun Titan battles is also proven to be a success as matches go from one to another.

Titanfall 2, still developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, follows the same promise with better graphics, new mechanics, more weapons and equipment, full single-player campaign, and of course, more Titans!

Titanfall 2 Review – Graphics

Titanfall 2 uses a modified version of the Source game engine and we can definitely notice how good the textures are compared to the first. I do wish that the team utilise Frostbite or Unreal game engine because the because the Source engine is definitely getting old and you can see it in game.

The most obvious ones are the character models – they look plastic-y compared to current generation games. It does not matter much in a multiplayer game but it reduces awe and immersion in the campaign.

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However, even when there are other first-person shooter games that look better than Titanfall 2, it’s the gameplay that matters more and Titanfall 2 definitely delivers that. After all, there really is no point in having all the bells and whistles with super-detailed textures if they load too slow and do not affect gameplay much.

Titanfall 2 Review – Single Player Campaign

Titanfall 2 Review

Unlike the original Titanfall, Titanfall 2 has a proper single player campaign this time. It’s not long (around 4-5 hours) but there is one. I personally don’t really care if it doesn’t have a campaign because multiplayer is really my main focus with Titanfall (and most first-person shooter games).

The single player campaign is pretty good and full of varieties. For example, the level design is breathtaking and takes you from the far end to another. It also serves as a good practice before you go into the multiplayer (for example, to fully utilise the environment around you for mobility).

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Sometimes, I feel that the team is trying too hard to make one mission unique to the other (with different environmental puzzles, etc). But I do have to commend them for being able to get all these ideas actually work in the game.

I do love the boss battles which brings back memories from the good old days of gaming. The bosses introduction shot is quirky and the battles serves a different momentum in the game. However, the battles are pretty short in general and a straightforward shoot-and-kill with no dynamics.

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Titanfall 2 Review – Multiplayer

Titanfall 2 multiplayer (and the original) is where it shines the most. In short, it’s fun, engaging, thrilling, and memorable at all times. Unlike Blizzard’s Overwatch, you do have to grind a bit to get all the abilities, weapons, and other customisations (like Call of Duty).

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However, that does not mean that you cannot have fun and kill things. Sure, higher level players will have more toys and utilities in their list, but Titanfall 2 is so fast paced that you can always sneak up some kills when they are not expecting it.

Have you ever got frustrated by these youngsters with crazy reflexes and aim-bot-like accuracy? In Titanfall 2 multiplayer, there are NPCs for you to shoot at (hey, at least you are killing something) which also serves to recharge your “Titan Call” meter. And once you’ve got your Titans, these reflexes don’t matter much anymore.

Even when there are Titans walking around destroying and killing things in a more grandeur style, that doesn’t mean you are completely helpless against them. While it’s blood pumping trying to run away when an enemy Titan is targeting you, it is more fun to make a jump, ride onto one, and open the hatch to either grab its shield battery out  – or throw a grenade inside. The satisfaction of having to “rodeo” one and try to run away after is too good to explain.

There are lots of things to do in Titanfall 2 and the battlefield is always changing dynamically. This is what makes it exciting and addictive, because one battle is not just a boring shoot-kill-killed-respawn then repeat. At some point, you’ll be hopping from one Titan to the next. Or killing the enemy NPCs around you to get points and Titan Call charge. Or just camp on the roof and snipe enemies out. Just beware because you’ll make a noise and the enemies can see it in their radar.

Titanfall2 2016-11-14 22-25-17-09

Other multiplayer game modes are present such as Bounty Hunt, Last Titan Standing, Coliseum (1 vs 1 Pilot), etc. While having more modes is good, Titanfall 2 suffers from the same problem like the original. There are just not enough players at times playing these other modes and you’d end up waiting for ages to get a game. In the end, going back to Attrition always guarantees a match happening.

I was worried the game servers will become a ghost town after a few months like the first, but we were promised that any future DLCs and updates will come for free. These should keep the players coming back into playing Titanfall 2. We hope.

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Titanfall 2 Review – Conclusion

Titanfall2 2016-11-02 23-31-04-67

Overall, Titanfall 2 is a worthy successor of the original Titanfall with improved graphics, more Titans, and more things to shoot and be shot at. It brings back the fun memories of playing the original Titanfall, but Respawn Entertainment has topped it up a notch with more mobility and actions in game.

Titanfall 2 is definitely one of the most satisfying online first person shooter multiplayer games I’ve ever played. The fun is never over because even when your team suffers a defeat, you still have to make your way to the escape ship. In just a single multiplayer session, you will experience a variety of thrilling and exhilarating moments as a pilot shooting other pilots, pilot shooting Titans, Titan shooting Titans, and Titan shooting pilots.

The adrenaline and fun just never stop in Titanfall 2.

Disclosure: License was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine


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