Threadless T-Shirt : T-shirt for the geeks

I have this friend who always wears these funny, cool, and geeky (sometimes) t-shirts. I always wonder how he managed to find these shirts around the city shops.

I was just told that he actually bought them from an online shop, called “Threadless”. There are a lot of designs and t-shirts that you can choose from on the site.

The price is ranged (depending on the size and popularity of the shirt, I guess) and the delivery fee is quite reasonable (around $6 to Australia)

Some nice t-shirt designs:

The Good Guys Don’t Glow At Midnight by Ivan Leonardo Vera Piñeros

I Heart Color by Dan Gilbert

X-Ray by Michael Temim Aka Karnaf Aka Conker

You have to be quick though, if you want to purchase a t-shirt from them. They tend to run out very quick. When a particular t-shirt design has run out of stock, they can get reprinted, if you are lucky.

I have a few designs that I like, but alas, only the large sizes remain and I have to wait for them to get reprinted :(

Check out the Threadless T-shirts website here.

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