A nice update on PuTTy Connection Manager

Multiple Putty sessions in tabs and one window

If you are working as a developer or a Linux system administrator, then most likely you’ll use PuTTy to connect to one of your servers (on-site or off-site). 

PuTTY Connection Manager allows you to have multiple PuTTy sessions all in one window (PuTTy sessions in tabs). It’s much better than the PuTTy itself because this program actually merges all the PuTTy windows into one.

There was a bug before where you couldn’t just double click your saved PuTTy session configurations to connect to it if you already set-up a username on the configuration. There is an alpha update (not meant to be used on the production system) that actually fixes this problem and also other bugs. I’ve already updated mine and confirmed that it’s working. Doesn’t seem to have a problem too, despide of it being Alpha and the disclaimer.

To get this fixed version of PuTTy Connection Manager, check out this forum post.

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