Researcher steals millions with Apple tool

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Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam. You can reach him on InstagramX, or email – In a shocking discovery, security researcher Noah Roskin-Frazee is at the center of a high-profile lawsuit, accused of coordinating a sophisticated conspiracy to swindle tech giant Apple. According to reports covered by 404 Media, Roskin-Frazee and an unnamed accomplice allegedly used an internal Apple tool to steal millions of dollars in items and services. Check out the details.

Security Researcher Allegedly Used Internal Apple Tool to Steal Millions of Dollars

The allegations against Roskin-Frazee are serious. It is claimed that he used a password reset tool to gain unauthorized access to an employee account at a company that provides customer care for Apple. Once inside, the suspected offenders allegedly increased their access by getting additional employee credentials and eventually penetrating Apple’s VPN servers.

What followed was a flurry of fraudulent activity, with Roskin-Frazee and his accomplice allegedly organizing orders for Apple products and services totaling over $3 million. Illicit transactions included the purchase of about $2.5 million in Apple gift cards, as well as more than $100,000 in various other products and services.

The extent of the alleged fraud went beyond conventional sales. According to reports, Roskin-Frazee and his accomplice modified orders using Apple’s own “Toolbox” tool, adopting strategies such as setting order values to zero, adding additional products to orders, and extending AppleCare contracts without authorization.

The fallout from these acts has resonated throughout the technology industry, creating severe worries about the security of internal tools within major organizations. The arrest of Roskin-Frazee in January 2024 represents a significant advance in the investigation, albeit the fate of his suspected accomplice is unknown.

As the investigation continues, the ramifications of this tragedy become clearer. It emphasizes the crucial need for strong cybersecurity safeguards and constant oversight, especially in contexts where sensitive data and valuable assets are at risk.

For those searching For more information on this developing story, trusted online sources such as respectable tech news publications, like MacRumors, 404 Media, and Apple’s security resources provide essential background and updates on the investigation.

Overall, as the tech community deals with the consequences of this hack, the need for increased awareness and proactive security measures has never been clearer. Only time will reveal the full scope of the harm caused by this alleged abuse of trust and technology.

Source | Via MacRumors

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