How technology can make your morning more consistent

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Note: This is a guest post written by Brendan McCormac

At the start of any day, it is imperative that we are productive from the moment we wake up. Those early moments of each day allow us to set the tone and mood for the entire morning, afternoon, and evening. Therefore, if you always wake up late, you might find it hard to make the kind of progress you want each day.

With that in mind, changing your morning routine to the betterment of yourself is a priority. Have you ever thought about the benefits of using technology and gadgets to make each morning more consistent?

If you have not, now is the time. How can you get started using tech to make your mornings more plannable?

Four simple ways to use technology to make mornings more consistent

Invest in a sleep tracking smartwatch

One of the best ways to turn your morning around is to ensure you have gotten enough rest the night previously. To do that, you should buy a sleep tracking smartwatch, such as one recommended by Superwatches. A sleep tracking smartwatch can do wonders to help you see when you are at your most rested, and when you are at your most restless.

Then, you can evaluate your sleeping conditions and work out what might be the stress factors causing you to wake up needlessly early, or not get enough quality rest. Through various sleep tracking apps, too, you can further learn more about your sleeping quality.

Getting enough rest is the first step to making sure your mornings are more productive.

Avoid losing time to the TV

A regular mistake for inconsistent mornings comes from getting caught up watching the television. Your sports team has made a new signing, or a major political event has taken place. Something has happened in your industry. Whatever the reason, all it takes is one happy story to have you captured by the TV for just long enough to leave you rushing around.

In that case, we highly recommend you invest in a smart speaker. This can start to bring you the news in the morning and can even read out your day’s activities to you, meaning you can focus on getting ready for work, etc. without having to sit down and watch the TV to consume your news.

It is yet another simple, effective way to take in some extra information without having to sit down and watch the scrolling news bar. Now, you don’t miss current stories and developing situations. At the same time, you can get washed, fed, hydrated, etc. without having to focus on one singular task – watching the news.

Find your ideal temperature

Lastly, a common reason for sleeping in or having inconsistent waking times is to do with the temperature of your house. If things are brutally cold in the winter, losing another 20-30 minutes in bed is deceptively simple. Therefore, investing in a smart thermostat can be a very wise investment indeed.

This makes it easier for you to always agree on a set temperature that you know means you can bound out of bed in the mornings. Set this on an autopilot scheme, and you can ensure that you never wake up to the baking heat or the freezing chill making it too hard to get up and get active.

Find time for exercise

Lastly, do you ever feel sluggish upon arrival to work? Then you are not alone. Do yourself a favor, then, and invest some time into exercising. Using something simple like a curated playlist played through your smart speaker can be enough to get you in the mood to start doing a brisk pre-shower workout.

This could be something as simple as getting on the exercise bike for ten minutes, or a quick session of stretches – even some yoga. Smart speakers are great for making sure you get up from bed and start moving your body. Not only does it wake you up and keep you healthy, but it boosts your metabolism speaking to eating breakfast!

Life can be a challenge at the best of times but starting each day without any consistency is only going to add to the challenge. So, focus on the above solutions and use smart technology to ensure every morning begins the same way, leading to a less chaotic lifestyle.

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