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FarmHouse WallpaperAfter I bought my new 22″ ASUS VW222U Widescreen LCD, I needed to update my wallpaper to 1680×1050 resolution from 1440×900. So I went to my most favorite wallpaper site, InterfaceLIFT.

The site is not new, and I’m sure most of you have already known about the site. However, if you know about something, doesn’t mean the whole world know about it. So I thought I’d like to share it to you guys.

The site has a full collection of wallpapers, icons, and themes. The best section (in my opinion) is the Wallpaper section. It’s full of high quality selection of wallpapers, ranges from Widescreen ones (1280×800 to 2560×1600) up to triple monitors (3840×1024 to 5760×1200)!

Whenever I want a fresh change of my desktop, I always look no further than InterfaceLIFT.

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