Content Marketing Strategy

Note: This is a guest post written by Tim Wilson

Content marketing strategy

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While it may appear verbiage is everything when putting together white papers, eBooks, video tutorials and the likes, there is an intrinsic art behind putting together garbled nomenclature in the minds of businessmen and women, and turning those thoughts once spoken into wording that emanates the business without boredom.

In writing this content, one must remember that content builds rapport, teaches something from an educated angle, and resonates your very name; therefore, how you say things is slightly more important than how often you say them.  We now look into effective audience creation through content marketing strategies which never have fail, nor are seen to fail unless our internet goes completely offline tomorrow.

Understand The Copywriting –Content Marketing Merge

Content marketing is the unwavering capability to write based on facts, research, current trends and socially adept changes while keeping the audience on their toes until the last period.  Copywriting, invariably, is simply the ability to write sales pages, videos or email content that attracts buyers, and lots of them.  Many are befuddled since they believe one force cannot compliment the other; that is incorrect, unfortunately.  In fact, when done correctly, content copywriting can build more sales-related businesses than both types separated.

What makes the content-copywriting portions merge?

  • Headlines that are succinctly written yet have a background call to action within.
  • First paragraph is written with excitement and hints towards finishing the bottom for ‘x’ good reason.
  • Each paragraph seemingly tells a story of its own yet uniquely blends with the rest of the article or chapter.
  • Imbed facts, such as stats or even linkage to support your claims so people can see you’re not full of crap.
  • Clearly define, upon closing, what you expect the reader to do next.  Whether this action merits only commentary, further reading or contact, it needs clarity.

Since millions of individuals are vying for freelance work these days, copywriting has seemingly focused towards search engine optimization and away from actually placing customers at the hearth of newly formed businesses.  Merging both writing styles could produce results far beyond expectations.

Using Content As A Scanner

Perhaps that initial introduction may seem indifferent.  It is, however, factual as viewed.  Content that is well-written and grabs the attention of more than search engines will scan the globe for customers who have waited eons for your words to spew out of your educated mouth.  When attracting targeted newbies to your content, keep these tips close by:

  • Talk only to your chosen customers.  Your content needs to stay on-point without veering away from your desired results or customers.  Discussions relevant to how-to’s need to be factually stated and backed by evidence you have inherent authority to speak on these topics.
  • Build rapport through controversy. Instead of steering clear of controversial issues related to your niche, tackle them full-force without hesitation.  This direct attack on debatable matters relevant to your business model shows you’re not afraid to hit the learning curve running.
  • Use key thoughts and keywords. Keywords simply exemplify your content in Google’s eyes; key thoughts directly speak to your readership and develop a special bond which is comfortable to wrap the mind around.  Sure, identifiable word choices are necessary; flooding the content with spam is sure to kill your content immediately with your readership short to follow.
  • Attraction through association. Your content can literally be written in such a manner that obedience can be imbued within a reader’s mind.  Train your content writing skills adequately, and watch people associate your niche, wholly, with you on the front burner.  This takes leaving the little proverbial doggie treats along the content path you pave while patting Fido (your reader) on the head for being good.  In other words, implement the OMG factor into your content so it’s shared across the social medias.

Be The Solution

Specific products or services solve a problem, albeit small or large.  Your content needs to solve issues, especially widespread ones.  When copywriting or content marketing, keep these simple ideologies in the form of questions by your side:

  • Have I addressed an issue?
  • Was the issue thoroughly expressed and covered?
  • Did I include related links which further expose the issue?
  • Did I simply tell the world to solve the problem, or did I address what steps are necessary to propagate solvency?
  • Was my verbiage choice succinct yet open-ended to allow reader interaction?

Solving some issue, whether mundane or serious, is always someone’s daily chore.  Your content can win customers or loyal fans by simply being astute in addressing problems that plague intricacies which surround your business model.

Socialize Your Content

Content is portable, too, and many great bloggers seem to miss this point when considering tackling content marketing.  When you’ve written content that could potentially draw an audience, you may need to write short excerpts of this content on your business page, other related business pages or to your personal Facebook following.

When socializing your words, leave your content link and briefly summarize in about 30-60 words what you’re content covers.  Make this short ‘passage’ laconically written to the point of making potential readers salivate while clicking the link to your main content.  Many bloggers feel if they write content and simply optimize this content they’ll draw massive readers; there needs to be an element of socialization added to your finished content pieces.

Stack Content Atop Content

When writing a singular piece, one may discuss ‘dishwashers’.  Tomorrow, it could be ‘luggage how-to’. Try stacking one well-written idea about ‘dishwashers’ by making a three-part series, or one long article broken up into 5 bite-sized articles.  Skipping around thoughts may seem like you’re covering more and attracting more; boredom or disinterest befalls upon those blogs which cannot stay on one topic for very long, especially when your articles are built for niche-specific purposes.

Don’t Make Monetization Obvious

When writing content, the end goal of many is to have somebody clicking something for a purchase, an Adsense penny or even just to boost rank.  Should you really want to monetize your content, it’s best to keep cost and effort both low so the content doesn’t smell like spam garbage.  Take these tips on should monetization of content be your modus operandi:

  • Once you’ve grown your readership, offer a special $.99 whitepaper that briefly discusses something uncanny, quirky or interesting about your niche.  It may have cost you $100 to write this piece yet offering low costing content items will bring profits through volume.
  • Privatize an article which is secondary in a series; if you’ve written an excellent starter piece, you’ll have no issues in charging $.50-$1.00 to access the next part of the series.
  • Wiki content since search engines deem these higher in authority than normal articles or sites.
  • Put your 25-50 best articles into an eBook which could net $9.99 or better.

You can always make good content worthy enough to monetize so long as these efforts are not your only motive for creating the content.  People want relationships, not fly-by-nights; keep your content well-written, factual and leave the monetization parts off your site until the faithful minions of readers have formed around your business, meriting the charge for extras.

HostPapaNote: This guest post was written by Tim Wilson, who works as content manager at HostPapa, a website hosting company serving over 100,000 customers around the world.

Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
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