4 Easy Steps How to Switch From Optus to Telstra Mobile with Your Number

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Note: This is a guest post written by Michael WanjiruHow to change from Optus to Telstra? Optus and Telstra are some of the best mobile phone carriers here in Australia. However, a recent check on the community forums shows increased requests on how to switch from Optus to Telstra service.

Of course, many are still content with their Optus phone plans. But the recent network outage was the last nail in the coffin with the carrier for some, and now they’re ready to jump ship.

Should I Switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile Service?

In this guide, I’ve put together crucial details you should know on how to Switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile phone service. But is a move to Telstra worth it?

Like most other service-based industries, the best mobile phone service to have is usually subjective. That’s, it depends on your needs and preference.

However, Optus and Telstra are both Major Carriers with their own network infrastructure/ cell towers. When we also compare phone plans and service perks, they have quite a number of similarities. See below:

FeatureOptus MobileTelstra Mobile
Type of ServicePostpaid & PrepaidPostpaid & Prepaid
Carrier NetworkOptusTelstra
eSIM supportYESYES
Free 5G AccessYESYES
Lowest Phone Plan$12 (Valid 7 days)$12 (Valid 7 days)
Unlimited MinutesYESYES
Unlimited dataYESYES
Phone Plans DealsYESYES
Free international callsYES (Unlimited)YES (30 minutes of calls)
Free international TextingYES (Unlimited)YES (Unlimited)
Free Phone DealsNO (Partial discounts)NO (Partial discounts)
Free Accessory DealsYESYES
Extra PerksDiscount on Optus Sport and other entertainment subscriptionsFree Spotify Premium, Binge, and McAfee device security
Type of SupportOnline & In-store Online & In-store

In the summary chart here, you can see my point on the similarities of the Telstra and Optus phone plans. From that, we can conclude some of the reasons you may want to switch to Telstra from Optus Mobile as follows:

  1. Poor Coverage: Telstra is the leading phone provider in the country, plus it has the best rating of the most consistent service quality. So, you can try it if you have been struggling with one to no bars on your current Optus Mobile phone.
  2. Access 5G network: Australian Telcos are certainly a little behind on 5G compared to US carriers. If Optus still hasn’t rolled out the (5G) technology in your area, you can check out Telstra Mobile. 5G has way faster browsing data speeds than 4G LTE.
  3. Redeem your favorite mobile phone deals: both Optus and Telstra have some of the best phone deals, whereby you can save $400+ on some brands. But Telstra sometimes has unique deals not available elsewhere.
  4. Get the free phone accessory offer: In the current Telstra phone deals, you can get a free Samsung smartwatch with the purchase of select phones.
  5. Take advantage of the add-on discounts: Various Telstra Mobile phone plans have entertainment discounts for a limited time. For instance, you can get 4 free months of Spotify Premium (valued at $12.99/ month), a 2-month BINGE subscription (valued at $16/ month), and 3-month McAfee security (valued at $10/ month).

Other Reasons to change from Optus to Telstra:

Another reason you may want to change from Optus to Telstra Mobile is its recent inconvenience. The Optus network outage that we saw disrupt services for over ten hours is one of these inconveniences.  

Let’s not forget the 2022 data breach after Optus left its API unprotected and publically exposed. The suspected hacker accessed sensitive information, like names, phone numbers, email, and postal addresses, plus Identification, passport, and driver’s license numbers, of millions of users.

How to Switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile

Which of the seven above is the reason making you have a second thought of Optus? Whichever it may be, it’s pretty easy to switch to Telstra with/ without your phone number.

Option 1: Switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile with Your Current Number

When switching to any phone carrier, a move with your current number can be very helpful. It makes sure your old contacts can still reach you in the new service.

Fortunately, you can transfer your phone number (also called porting) to Telstra Mobile. The option is usually available to choose during the activation stage. So, you’ll have to wait for the SIM kit to be delivered.

If you already have a Telstra Mobile SIM card, you can transfer/ port your current Optus phone number in the following four easy steps:

Step 1: Gather everything you need to transfer your number

The items you’ll need to transfer your phone number to Telstra include:

  • The current Optus phone number you want to transfer
  • Your full name and current physical address
  • Account Number to your Optus mobile service (if on postpaid). Or your Date of Birth if you’re on Optus mobile prepaid plans.
  • A 6-digit Pre-port verification (PPV) code. You’ll receive this code on your current phone when you request to port the number.
  • An alternative phone number Telstra can reach you (if needed)
  • Your current Optus phone service should remain active. If you cancel, the number transfer to Telstra won’t be successful.

Step 2: Activate Your new Telstra Mobile service

The second step to switch from Optus to Telstra with your current number is to activate your new service. It’s a simple self-help process, whereby you only need to:

  • Insert your new Telstra Mobile SIM card into a compatible phone.
  • Log in to your Telstra online account or the “My Telstra” mobile app.
  • Once in your Telstra account, locate the “Get Help” option and click the “My Orders” tab. Then, select your order of the new service and click “Activate your SIM”.

For Telstra Mobile prepaid service, you can activate your SIM by going to the Prepaid – Activation page. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to fill up the details of your SIM, Service plan, and Identity. Then, submit and wait for the activation to complete.

Step 3: Request the Optus Number Transfer

When activating your new Telstra service in Step 2 above, you’ll notice a request to “Keep existing number”. The option often appears under the section of your SIM details.

Same as with the activation, you’ll just need to follow the on-screen instructions to request the number porting. The porting form requires you to enter the details I listed in Step 1, including your Optus phone number, account or date of birth, Full name, and address.

Make sure all these details are as they appear on your most recent Optus mobile bill statement. The PPV code you receive (via SMS) should also be entered correctly.

After you’ve filled in all the details, submit.

Step 4: Leave Telstra to Complete the Number Porting

Once you submit your number porting request, the Telstra team can start processing it immediately. They will reach out to your current carrier (Optus, in this case) and initiate the number transfer.

Leave the two companies to handle things themselves without interfering. Once your Optus number completes porting, you’ll receive a success message. Your new Telstra service will also start working, while the old Optus subscription should cancel automatically.

Important Note:

Telstra can only process number transfer requests between 8am – 8pm (AEST/AEDT) on Monday through Friday. Then, 10am – 6pm (AEST/AEDT) on Saturday, Easter Monday, and King’s Birthday.

For all requests made outside these working hours, you’ll have to wait until the next business day.

Option 2: Switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile with a New Number

Overall, this is the easiest method to switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile. It will be joining with everything new. So, you just need to order your Telstra service plan and make the necessary payments.

Once your SIM card comes, insert it into a phone compatible with Telstra. Then, follow Steps 1 (2) to activate, but choose the option to “activate the number provided with the new SIM”.

Tip: Telstra takes 1 – 3 days to deliver your physical SIM kit, depending on the time ordered and location. If in a hurry, the eSIM activation is instant, taking ten minutes at most to complete.

The eSIM activation is also the perfect solution to have dual services on single-line phones like iPhones and Samsung.

Why Did My Optus Number Fail to Transfer to Telstra?

In a nutshell, these are the crucial details you should know on how to switch from Optus to Telstra Mobile service. It’s a pretty simple process, as you just need to go to the activation page and select “keep existing number”. Then, fill up the rest of the information and submit the request.

Besides online, you can also visit the nearest Telstra store and have the customer rep help you switch in person. Do bring a copy of your most recent bill from Optus Mobile and an identification document.

It’s worth noting a number transfer from another carrier to Telstra can take a couple of hours to complete. If the process fails or is still pending after several days, chances are:

  • The details of the Optus service you provided were incorrect
  • You failed to provide the PPV code that verifies you’re the owner who initiated the number transfer
  • You canceled your Optus mobile service before the phone number has completed to transfer.
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