Pirated Windows Vista Users, beware!

To those who are using a pirated copy of Windows Vista, beware! An update was released today by Microsoft on the Windows Update, called KB940510.

It will basically detect your Windows Vista copy for any installed activation exploit.

From Microsoft Knowledge Base Article:

This update enables Windows Vista to detect activation exploits that bypass product activation and that interfere with usual Windows operation. An exploit is a form of software that replaces or modifies authentic Windows components. When exploits are present on a system, it indicates that a software or hardware vendor may have tampered with genuine Windows to enable the sale of counterfeit software. Therefore, the security and the privacy of the computer are put at risk. After this update is installed, you will know if exploits are present on the system.


The Windows update screen

Once you update your Vista with this update, there is no mean to uninstall it. Of course, you shouldn’t be panic if your copy of Vista is genuine. If not, then I guess you have a choice not to install it *ahem* by right clicking on it and hide the update.

I’m pretty sure though that one day, this update will have to be installed first before you can get any other future updates. We’ll see.

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