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How Mobile Technology is Influencing the World


Note: This is a guest post written by Nancy Perkins

Mobile technology is influencing SMBs more than you think. From marketing to social media, here are just some of the
ways mobile technology is affecting how we work and communicate.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile internet has never been faster. All thanks to mobile internet, online access is no longer limited to desktop and laptop computers. People are now online most of the time. In fact, US mobile phone owners spend an average of 2.7 hours a day browsing the internet.

Companies have taken advantage of this by coming up with apps and services that include some form of branding or advertising. Aside from generating a large demand for app developers, it’s also forcing businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. After all, what better way to target consumers than by going directly to their mobile phones.

iPhone 5

And although critics say that mobile marketing is an invasion of privacy, many consumers are actually open to receiving ads on their mobile phones.

Social media and communication

The introduction of mobile Internet has also greatly affected social media. Pictures and videos taken on mobile phones can be uploaded to the internet almost instantaneously. This has been a huge selling point for modern mobile phones. If you think about it, most, if not all mobile phone commercial in the past year show people using the advertised phone for
sharing pictures and videos, music, and productivity.

4G has also paved the way for cloud technology on mobile devices. Various apps are being developed to work with cloud-based applications. The size of mobile phones make them an ideal tool for business people who are constantly on the go.

Cloud apps

Before, files had to be manually transferred to a mobile phone through cables or Bluetooth transfer. Cloud storage applications such as Google Drive allow users to sync files across multiple devices, including mobile phones. With cloud storage apps, mobile phones become virtual extensions of a user’s hard drive.

Dropbox easy share


Aside from making regular mobile calls, users can also make VoIP calls on mobile phones. There are certain apps that let you make free calls, but the features are very limited because the person you’re calling should also have the same app installed.

However, there are service providers that allow users to call any phone, both mobile and land line. For a small monthly subscription, companies such as Ring Central will let you make and receive VoIP calls as a local number. This means when you call other people, your caller ID will show up as a phone number. Aside from making calls, you can also customize call rules, receive voice messages, make conference calls, and send online fax – all on your mobile phone.


  1. Exactly !!!! mobile technology is completely a new revolution to the web world and cloud computing services is making it more advanced .

  2. Mobile phones are real future. They are becoming little pocket PCs with super fast internet connections. You just can’t stop them from influencing our lives any more.

  3. Mobile phone or Smartphone is the future of technology. Everybody can afford to buy a phone that has a wifi connection and its a great tool for social networking.

  4. And this is why when i look something up now I always say….”let’s go to the matrix and find out!” Because the mobile internet is as close to the matrix as we’ve ever been before. Need to know the lyrics to a tune you’ve loved for days? Look it up! Need to know who starred in that movie with that guy who said that cool line…look it up! I learned how to whistle using my fingers last month because of a blog post i found online that taught me how to do it. Soon i’ll learn to fly helicopters just by looking it up but right now i’m happy with my whistle! :)

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