Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas TreeDear all, just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hope that you all have a wonderful holiday & Christmas celebration wherever you are!

I also want to share a video (Amazing Grace video) that I made with a friend some time ago, reflecting the true meaning of Christmas and why Christians are celebrating it every year. Hope you all like it. 

I took most of the scenes from the movie Passion of Christ. The soundtrack on the movie is “Amazing Grace” by Chris Tomlin. Feel free to share this video to your friends and if you really like it, I have uploaded a higher quality one on Mediafire. Again, feel free to share it. I’m not sure if there’s any copyright material associated with it (using scenes from movies and a commercial music soundtrack) so please let me know if it is and I’ll remove the video straight away. Hope the movie can be a blessing to you guys.

Anyways, I’m taking a 2 weeks-leave from work, although I don’t really have a Christmas holiday plan yet :) I guess being a lazy pig at home doesn’t sound too bad. I might still write some blog posts here and there, but we’ll see :) We all deserve a break, don’t we?

So are you guys going anywhere on the holiday?

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