How to nail the first date look

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Note: This is a guest post written by Bryan Tiska, Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador

There is no better way to finish a day at work with date night! Here are top tips for guys to make sure you’re looking your best and making a good impression straight from office meetings to a romantic evening.

Shaving tips for the guys

1. Preparation is key

While a lot of men skip any sort of preparation, rinsing your face with a pre-shave soap and warm water is one of the key steps for your best shave. This will remove excess oil and dead skin cells, as well as opening up pores and softening hairs for a smooth shave.

2. Choose your shaver carefully

It is very important to use a shaver that you understand and that works for your skin. I use the Philips Beardtrimmer Series 9000 which is the only shaver with a laser guide. This always leaves me with a sharp, clean shave and whether my facial hair is longer or shorter this precise line always looks sexier.

3. Don’t rush

Find a great playlist, lock the bathroom door, and use the time to unwind and enjoy. If you feel rushed, stressed and distracted you are more likely to apply too much pressure resulting in shaving rash, or cuts.

4. Tips for your neck

When you are shaving areas like your neck try to tilt your head back and pull the lower part of your neck down to stretch the skin so the blade glides smoothly. This will help prevent cuts and give you a cleaner shave

5. Post-shave

Following your shave, rinse with cold water to close the pores and clean your face. Pat your face dry with a clean towel and be careful to avoid rubbing. It is always a good idea to add some aftershave lotion to replenish lost moisture, avoid aftershave with alcohol as they will cause irritation.

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