Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review (Campaign) – The latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2, does not need much introduction. It’s basically the next generation of Call of Duty game that we all love, powered by the latest tech and graphics engine. While it’s not the awesome Unreal Engine 5, Modern Warfare 2 looks really, really good and you’ve probably already seen a gameplay clip from the Amsterdam mission that shows what the engine is capable of. If not, please go and have a search for it on YouTube.

And sure, a great graphic doesn’t always translate to a great game but thankfully, Modern Warfare 2 excels in both as it also has a variety of mission types, excellent gameplay and gunplay, and memorable returning characters and new enemies to fight.

The story is actually pretty well-crafted compared to the previous Call of Duty games and this time, I somewhat can follow and enjoy the progress of the storyline better than before. I surprisingly found the campaign really enjoyable and I always wanted to keep playing the next mission. There are 17 single-player missions in total to play across different continents with different mission types, and you’ll be playing as different characters (i.e you are not playing just ine character throughout the game, but will switch from one to the next).

As for the types of missions you can play, you’d see the familiarities from the previous Call of Duty game. And that’s ok. For example, there is a sniping mission where you snipe enemies from afar with the help of your spotter, the typical-rush-and-find-cover with gun blazing, covering the ground team from a military plane above (my most favourite mission type), being stealthy as you approach the mission objective (but the mission doesn’t end if you’re being seen), etc.

But there is a couple of new mission types in Modern Warfare 2 (as far as I know, was not in the previous games but I could be wrong) where you are alone and you have to find raw materials to be crafted into things that you can use. For example, you can craft smoke bombs, a custom-made knife, etc. You can’t just go around and kill enemies easily too as they communicate and check frequently so the moment you kill someone, they are on to you fast. The mission is a fresh take from the usual COD-mission-types and offers some challenging dynamics into the game.

And there is also a car chase mission with a twist where you can hop from one car to the next as yours get damaged. Jumping from one car to another is not always consistent though and I had to repeat the same mission over and over as I jumped into nothingness. Still, it’s something different and a good break from the usual shoot-and-kill activities.

Most missions are quite memorable. Combined with how good the game looks graphically (including facial animations and particle effects) and some great voice acting from well-known actors like Glenn Moreshower, I’m happy to say that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is definitely one of the best Call of Duty games out there.

The game also has cooperative missions and multiplayer, which I haven’t really touched in this article but you can find them elsewhere.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Review


The latest Call of Duty game comes with gorgeous graphics, solid gameplay, and familiarity


  • Outstanding graphics and life-like
  • Attention to detail (e.g the Amsterdam mission)
  • Solid gun gameplay and controls
  • Lots of different missions in different settings and types


  • You feel like you’ve played these kinds of missions before 
  • Kudos for trying something new but  don’t really like the stealthy-crafting and car-hopping missions
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