WLM 9 Beta New Features

WLMThese are the new features in WLM 9 (currently in pre-beta stage) that are posted around the web.






New features:

  • Sign-in and messaging in multiple locations up to four at once.
  • Signature sounds.
  • Per contact sounds.
  • SPAM Reporting.
  • Animated Display Pictures – supports animated .gif files as display pictures.
  • Link in Personal Status Message
  • URLs in Personal Status Messages are hot and clickable in the Messenger contact list.

General improvements: 

  • Behind the Scenes Changes 
  • Architectural changes that modified how things work but shouldn’t have changed how things look. 
  • Changes to sign-in, connectivity, presence, sending text IM’s, voice & video features.
  • Windows Live Contacts Server
  • wlcomm.exe runs in the background to keep your contacts’ information up-to-date and helps Messenger sign you in faster.

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