EA Sports FC 24 Review (Reviewed on PS5)

EA Sports FC 24 Review – To those who are familiar with the FIFA series, the change of name might be confusing and create uncertainties. What would happen to the game? Will we still be able to play with the teams and players we all love? Will there be significant changes in the new series – for better or worse? Or perhaps, will EA step up and create new game features that weren’t possible (or allowed) before?

So many questions, but EA Sports FC 24 is thankfully still the game we all love over the years. And there are certainly new mechanics being added in the game as well.

While playing the game, everything feels very familiar in terms of gameplay. The HyperMotion V technology which “translates the rhythm and fluidity of real-world football into The World’s Game using volumetric data of more than 180 top-tier matches from competitions” and the enhanced Frostbite engine certainly bring more realism into the animation.

I think my friends and I are all in agreement that when we played the game for the first time, the movement somewhat feels heavier compared to the previous verison, though more realistic. After a few matches, we get adjusted to the new EA Sports FC 24 and are enjoying the couch multiplayer sessions at my house.

New in the game is PlayStyles, which give certain players unique capabilities like in real life, based on real-world Opta data and data from other sources. It brings more authenticity into the game as you control your favourite players. You’ll notice the PlayStyles icon appearing on top of the player you currently control, though you can’t exactly find out what it means just by looking at the icons alone.

I’ve always been playing FIFA games with friends before on a couch, but this time around, I did test the online multiplayer during the closed beta. It’s definitely more challenging than playing with the AI, and a great way for me to learn and level up my skills in playing the game.

However, I was pretty pleased too with the single-player experience. I played the Player Career mode where you start as a new player in your selected, favourite team and make your way to the top. There are experiences to gain where you can unlock more skills (like those talent trees on RPG games), invest to make more money, negotiate salaries, or move to other teams, and increase your ratings in the game. There is also a fun mode where instead of controlling the whole team like you normally do on a KickOff, you just control yourself. There is also a Manager Career mode if you like playing as a manager and manage the team, with a tactical view mode.

In Ultimate Team mode, for the first time ever, you can have both men and women to play together. You can also improve players in your club via Ultimate Team Evolutions. I honestly haven’t had the time yet to try out this mode.

EA SPORTS FC 24 supports cross-platform play across all multiplayer online modes, including Clubs, Co-Op Season, VOLTA FOOTBALL, and Ultimate Team Co-Op. Cross-play will be enabled in all Clubs match types including League, Playoff, Friendly, and Drop-In. So if you have the game on the PS5, you can play together with your friends on the PC, Xbox Series X|S, etc. This is definitely something that my friends and I are planning to do some time in the future, to play and have fun together in a Team Co-Op.

EA Sports FC 24 is still that same game we all know and love, and if you have been playing FIFA for a number of years, there is definitely no reason not to grab the new EA Sports FC 24. You get tons of new animations with beautiful graphics, updated roster, new mechanics like Precision Pass, and more.

Note that I play a lot of EA Sports FC 24 with friends on the couch and I haven’t really delved into the Ultimate Team, which seems to be what people are playing the most frequently. To me, FIFA (or EA Sports FC now) has always been a fun game to play with friends – both offline and online.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Disclosure: EA Sports FC 24 review code was supplied for the review

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