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SPAMs without SpamAssassin

Spams...who loves it? Somehow the SpamAssassin (the most popular mail filtering software) on my office's email account has stopped working. I've been in...
Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Play around with Windows 8: Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks - Windows 8, a completely revamped version of Windows from Microsoft, is making lot of news recently in the...
3D excel

How to Show Data in a More Visually Engaging Way

Content is king, according to many specialists, but more than that, visuals are starting to rise above the ranks. According to data posted from an...
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Create a PDF out of a web page and make it...

There are times where you want to print great articles you find on a website to read later or as a reference. At times,...
Mobile Business

4 Remote Working Tools to help your small business go mobile

The idea of having a physical space for an office, even for small to medium businesses, still sticks to many minds of business owners...
Top 10 password

Top 10 commonly used passwords (worst passwords not to use)

The image above shows the top 10 worst passwords of 2014. SplashData Inc, the company behind SplashID, actually releases a top 25 (not just...