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WaterField Designs Suede Jacket Case Review – Fits iPhone 4 with a bumper case

Suede Jacket Review - iphone with bumper

I’ve fallen in love with the Apple’s white bumper case on my iPhone 4. The only problem is that the bumper case doesn’t protect the screen and also the back of the iPhone 4’s body. Although it is meant to show the sexiness of the iPhone 4, some might get scared of the protection it offers.

WaterField Designs helps with a solution – a simple straight Suede Jacket case that works with an iPhone 4 on Apple’s bumper case.

The WaterField Designs Suede Jacket is available in 3 different sizes:

  • iPhone 4 Suede Jacket Case
  • iPhone 4 w/Apple Bumper Suede Jacket Case
  • iPhone 3GS/3G Suede Jacket Case – 2.5 ” x 4.6″ / 0.1oz

and 3 different colors/prints:

  • Black: $10 / with pocket: $14
  • Cheetah print: $12 / with pocket: $16
  • Zebra print: $12 / with pocket: $16

The sample that I have is the iPhone 4 w/Apple Bumper Suede Jacket Case, on Black with pocket.

The Suede Jacket is really slim and doesn’t add any bulk into your pocket. Because of this slim design, there is no significant padding in case your iPhone falls to the ground.

Suede Jacket Review - slim designSuede Jacket Review - slim

The case however, protects the iPhone from scratches inside the pocket (such as from your keys) and also minor bumps. The case is really soft on the outside (so you can slide it out of the pocket easily) and even softer on the inside so it will not scratch your iPhone’s screen. In fact, it actually cleans the screen up from the finger prints while you slide the iPhone out. Although I found that it did not clean the entire screen, it’s still a great hidden feature to have!

Suede Jacket Review - phone inside

The pocket in front of the case is quite handy to store your bank cards or the iPhone’s accessories, such as the USB cable, earphones, or perhaps a Bluetooth headset. The pocket is not spacey so it’s not recommended to store the charger as it will definitely add bulk into the case.

Suede Jacket Review - earphonesSuede Jacket Review - USB

The case is a perfect fit and there is no way the iPhone will slide out of it easily. To help you in taking the iPhone out, there is a small “hook” at the bottom of the case. You hold it with a finger while you take the iPhone out. This design is similar to the EXOSleeve iPad Case that I reviewed some time ago.

Suede Jacket Review - hook

The top part of the case is also left exposed, so you can hook your earphones up while the iPhone is still inside the case. This way, you can listen to the music while keeping your iPhone secured.

Suede Jacket Review - earphones listening

WaterField Designs Suede Jacket is highly affordable, slim, and supports protecting the iPhone 4 with Apple’s bumper case. If you are looking for a case with heavy duty protection, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you are like me, who doesn’t want to add bulkiness into the iPhone 4 and happy with minor protection, the Suede Jacket is a great choice to have.

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