Use our coupon code to get more than a $100 discount on this 32″ Curved LED Gaming Monitor

This Z-Edge UG32 is a 32″ gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate to give you a smoother gameplay compared to the traditional, older 60Hz/65Hz monitor. The 165Hz is supported when plugging your PC video card to the monitor’s DisplayPort and if you are using HDMI, you can also get 144Hz through it.

And what is a gaming monitor without a good response rate? The Z-Edge UG32 also has that fast 1ms response rate, perfect if you are mostly playing first person shooter (FPS) games.

Design wise, the monitor has a curved design with thin bezel which will give you better immersion. Sure, it’s not really compulsory to have a curved gaming monitor and I find my non-curved gaming monitor is good enough but some of my friends definitely swear that curved monitor is better, so that’s that.

The slim bezel definitely helps with the content immersion though and it will be apparent when you are playing games or watching movies. It removes distraction and also helps in the aesthetics department, giving the monitor an elegant look on your desk.

There is also an Eye Care technology being built into the monitor. The proprietary brightness Intelligence Adaptive technology will automatically adjust brightness for comfortable viewing and the low blue light will definitely help with reducing eye strain, especially if you are going to game or work for hours with this monitor.

The monitor only has a 1920×1080 Full HD resolution though, so it’s not 2K or 4K, but it is less taxing to your graphics card. If you don’t own the RTX 2080 or 3080 at least, then it’s sometimes wiser to game in smaller resolution so you can squeeze more performance out of the game for a smoother gameplay. Unless of course, if you’ve been eyeing for a 2160p monitor or 4K for some time, then it’s best to pass on this monitor.

Z-Edge UG32 retails for $376.99 but you can get a massive discount if you are using our coupon code. After adding the cart upon checking out, apply this coupon code: NNNcravingtechZEdge to get the monitor at only $268.99. It’s definitely a bargain, even if you are looking for a second monitor to complete your setup. Let me know if you have any problems applying the coupon code and will sort it out for you.

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