Tips to make your Windows stays in tiptop shape

(6) Try not to install too many programs

The more programs you install, the more Windows need to store information about it (registry entries). When you uninstall, sometimes there are left-over that are not being uninstalled properly. Most people think that the more files you have on the harddrive, the slower your Windows become, This is not true!! Lots of programs, yes, but not files (mp3, data files, etc)

(7) Don’t install too many fonts

The more fonts you have in your Windows/Fonts, the slower things will become (especially during start up)!

(8) Defrag your harddrive once a while

If you install and uninstall stuffs very often, files will get cluttered on your harddrive and it’ll be slower to grab as things are all over the place. Defragging can help to improve access times (time to read and find things in your Windows system)

(9) Check out your currently running applications

These are basically programs that are being loaded by Windows into its memory and then “stand on watch”. These programs usually take memory and CPU. Your Windows system tray (the area where you can see the current clock on the bottom right corner) is a good indication to see how many programs are currently running on your Windows at the moment. The more icons appear there, the slower your Windows may become (especially during start-up). See my other post to minimise this.
These are what I can think of at the moment. I’ll add more lists in here and feel free to contributeon the comments section below.

But of course, nothing can beat great registry cleaners & optimizers. Here are some that you might want to have a look at:

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