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Dyson DC39 Review

Dyson DC39 review – James Dyson announced the new Dyson Ball™ technology some time ago introducing a new ball design, which makes Dyson vacuum cleaners easier to handle and more maneuverable. The Ball design also makes the vacuum cleaner less cluttered as all the machinery and behind-the-scene gears are united under 1 “roof”. The Dyson …

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Robomaid Review

Robomaid Robomaid is a dream come true. It automatically vacuums your house whenever you want it to and it will automatically go back to the docking station to recharge. The rotating brush underneath the unit picks up dirt and dust like there’s no tomorrow. Most importantly, it’s also child and pet friendly! Rating by Michael …

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Dyson DC31 Review

Dyson DC31 Michael Aulia Review summary Dyson DC31 Review – The most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner yet easy and light to carry. The Dyson DC31 also has a great suction power even when the battery is running low or when it’s already filled with dust and dirt. My rating: 5.0 stars Dyson DC31 is a …

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