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A sweet keyboard folio case for the iPad Air with backlit keys


ZAGGkeys Folio Keyboard for iPad Air Case Review – ZAGGkeys iPad cases are popular, thanks to their great design which transforms an iPad into a laptop-like machine. Their iPad keyboard cases are also well-known for having backlit keys, which are rarely found on most keyboard cases out there in the market.

With a thin design, adorable look, and solid keyboard, ZAGGkeys Keyboard Folio case should be on the top of your list.



ZAGGkeys Folio Keyboard is only 7.6mm thin, which is 0.1mm thicker than the iPad Air. This makes the case one of the thinnest keyboard folio cases out there for the iPad Air. As a folio case, it offers protection to the front and back of the iPad. Thankfully, it does not cover the iPad Air’s aesthetic front look, which is what some folio cases do.


The materials of the cover do not feel luxurious, however, unlike the Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case I reviewed a couple of weeks earlier. It’s a bit stiff but does not look cheap. Saying that, the ZAGGkeys actually looks better when you open the case up with the iPad Air exposed. The looks and quality of the keyboard keys match the iPad Air really well. It’s as if they blend together, like opening a laptop or Ultrabook.



All ports and buttons are accessible, but if you find the need to take the iPad out, it’s fairly easy to do (with a simple push from the back surface of the case). You’d probably do this pretty often if you use the iPad for reading, because the case cannot be folded all the way to the back. The only way to use your iPad in portrait mode, or if you need to hold the iPad on your hand, is to take it out of the case.

It comes with an awesome battery life (about 3 months of use between charges, though it depends on how long you are using it every day and whether you have the backlit feature on or off). The case will go to standby mode if you are not typing on the keyboard after a short period of time. Press any key on the keyboard, and it will wake up, pretty much instantaneously. To save battery life, you should turn it off completely with the power button.


And now, the keyboard. Compared to the Griffin Slim Keyboard Folio, Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case, I find that ZAGGkeys Folio Keyboard gives the best experience in typing. All of them are great, but ZAGGkeys keyboard is a tad better. It has shorter traveling distance for the keys to register, better tactile feedback, best key layouts, and has a backlit support. You can even change the backlit intensity in different intensity levels. It’s the perfect keyboard case for typing in a dark environment (on the plane, bedroom, etc).


There is also a handy battery check key, which is absent in most keyboard cases.


ZAGGkeys Folio Keyboard Review Conclusion


Overall, the ZAGGkeys Folio Keyboard is a really nice, premium keyboard case for the iPad Air. In my opinion, it offers the best experience in typing: great tactile feedback, layout of the keys, comfort in typing, and also a backlit feature. It transforms the iPad Air practically into an “iOS MacBook Air”, increasing your productivity level greatly.

Disclosure: Review sample was sponsored by MobileZap for the review. All opinions are 100% mine. Make sure to check their other range of iPad Air Cases as well.



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