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Shake to check, plug to charge with Tronix Tinker

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Tronix Tinker 6000 mAh Review – Most compact portable chargers are made of plastic to cut costs. Though they work as portable chargers, you are left with this cheap piece of thing that you hide away in shame. Charging it next to your expensive device made out of anodized aluminium raises your eyebrows in disgust.

With Tronix Tinker‘s sleek and modern design with premium Aluminium shell, you should shame no more.

Tronix Tinker Review

This sleek and modern looking portable charger holds a 6,000 mAh battery inside, enough to charge your smartphone more than once from zero. For comparison, Apple’s latest iPhone 6 is powered by a 1,810 mAh battery. You do the math yourself.

Despite of the huge battery capacity, the Tronix Tinker unique shape makes it compact so you can still tuck it inside your shirt’s pocket (or pants’ if you want). It’s definitely thick and feels a bit heavy (due to the large battery capacity), don’t get me wrong, but you can still carry it around with you easily. Chuck it into a bag though for the maximum comfort.

The non-rectangular shape makes the charger somewhat smaller and has a killer look.

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It also has a minimal approach in that it throws away the usual “press button X to charge” or “press and hold X button to check for the status of the battery”. Want to find out how much juice it has left? Simply shake the thing. LED lights will lit to indicate how much battery it has left (out of 4 LEDs). Want to charge your device? Simply plug a cable into it and your device. It’s that simple.

Take a cable’s end out and the Tinker will stop charging by itself. There is no power button to muck around and you can worry less.

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To charge the Tronix Tinker, just need to plug it to a USB slot on your computer or a USB powerboard (via microUSB cable). Simple. According to the product specification, it’s powered by A grade Samsung Lithium Ion cells to ensure reliability and longevity. At least we know that it’s not some non-branded chinese knock-offs.

Charging the new iPhone 6 works well too:

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With just $29.95 (includes FREE Standard shipping), the Tronix Tinker is up for a great grab for Australians. We can finally get something premium with an affordable price. Definitely recommended if you are browsing for a portable battery charger.

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