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PowerContact Review for iPhone

PowerContact ReviewSo you are not happy with your iPhone’s default Contact or Address Book? I’m not. For me, it’s too plain and lack of “ooh” and “aah”. Yes it is plain simple, fast, and works. But what if you can have more?

PowerContact is an alternative to iPhone’s Contact. It shows your contacts’ photos/pictures on the list, send an email/SMS to a group, and also creates different groups/categories easily so you can find your contacts faster and easier than ever.

PowerContact’s main screen looks like (with different Tab modes):

PowerContact Review - View 2PowerContact Review - view1

or there is also a Cover Flow view in Landscape mode. Although it’s cool, I didn’t find it enjoyable to scroll through my friends’ photos to find a specific person. I’d prefer to go by the Alphabet but I guess this is a matter of preference.

PowerContact Review - coverflow view

PowerContact Settings screen:

PowerContact Review - SettingsPowerContact Review - colors an icons

In PowerContact, you can create groups so you can categorize your friends to different groups, which makes it easier to find your contacts. You can customize each group with different icons and colors. Unfortunately, there is no color map available so you can only choose one of the pre-defined colors in the app. To assign a contact to a group, you simply drag and drop the contact into the Group tab – really easy. You can then do a Mail Group or SMS Group quickly through the easy to use interface.

PowerContact Review - Drag and DropPowerContact Review - Group action

Overall, I love PowerContact for the iPhone. This is how iPhone Contact should be. It looks pretty, have an option to show your contacts’ photos on the list, customizable, and also a group management feature. Since I send SMS quite a lot to a specific group of friends, I cannot live without PowerContact. Hopefully we can have more settings to customize the interface further (like the color of the top bar and the sub-menus). Or I hope we can have themes in the future with less colorful yet more professional.

PowerContact (Contacts Group Management with Color & Icons) – FMPROJECT

Note: Promo code provided for the review

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