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Oh, my triglyceride..trigly what?

My lunch and dinner “menu”: (I don’t cook by myself by the way, so I’ve been eating out in restaurants and take away)

  • Lamb Fried Rice (lambs and oils)
  • Fish and Chips (the fish itself is healthy, but it’s deep fried)
  • Roast Pork and its “friends” (fats, fats, and more fats!)
  • Pancakes, meat pies, sausage rolls, croissant (more oils)
  • Crispy Chicken Skins (yummy! and deadly!!)
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). I can go 2-3 times a week lol (OILS and OILS and OILS)
  • Pizza with lots of Salamis and Bacons
  • More oils, More MSGs, More sugars for the drinks

“Wait!”, you said. “Where are the fruits and vegetables?” That’s right. I rarely eat them. Well I drink Boost Juice (fruit juices), so I don’t need to eat fruits, right? (Except for the fact that I usually get the banana with milk flavored one with bunch of sugars added). Hah hah, that’s a very good excuse.

After the verdict though, I realize that I need to change my eating and drinking habits.. Eat less fried and deep fried food. Drink less sugar and soda. Eat more vegetables. Do more sports. Get a healthier breakfast. Use skinny products or 99% fat free products.

You know what; this is my first time that I appreciate those 99%-Fat-Free marketing commercials and labels. This is my first time that I understand why I was told not to drink too much sugar. This is my first time to know why I was forced to drink those fish oil tablets when I was little.

Well, it’s been more than a month now since I had my blood tested. I drank this expensive medicine to reduce my triglyceride (can’t even spell this word right) level. I asked for skinny milk in my coffee. I say “No!” to cheese when I buy my food in Subway. I eat more fish and the omega 3 fish oil tablets

(fish oil is good for you. REALLY. TRUST YOUR MOM!). I walk more (to work and to the city). I buy those healthy Uncle Toby’s breakfast. I eat brown bread (I used to love the white/sandwich type of bread. Throw it away and get that fiber-y bread more. Trust me!).

It’s time to do another blood test.. to see how far has my effort gone. If you’re still interested, please leave some comments here and I’ll post on a blog after I go and take my second blood test.

In the meantime, please..drink less sugary drink. Eat more vegetables. Eat less deep fried stuffs. Eat more fish and drink Omega-3 tablets daily. Don’t wait until it’s too late. I’m not your mom and you are probably like me who ate those fish and vitamin tables by force. Eat them with delight. There is a reason why your mom is so talkative. She is there to keep you healthy, no matter how pesky she may sound :)

Note: Do you feel sores/aches on your shoulders too sometimes?  Be careful, my friend. I’ve warned you.