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My blood test result..

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So finally today I got my blood test result from the doctor.

Back in October 2007, I went for a general check-up and found out that my triglyceride level (that is the amount of fat circulated on my blood) was sky-high. It was 500 mg/dL (or 5.645 mmol/L) compared to the acceptable level of around 133 mg/dL (or 1.5 mmol/L)! Anymore higher, I could probably end up with a stroke or a clogging on my blood artery :(

So I took a good diet (as in eating healthier apart from not-eating kind of diet) and got my blood tested again last week.

Today I got the result and the verdict is….
My high triglyceride level goes down to 124 mg/dL (or 1.4 mmol/L)! Yay! I never expected that much of an improvement, really.

Everything else is normal, although my cholesterol level is a little bit higher than the acceptable range (it was okay back then in October 2007).

So, what I’ve been doing to get a lower triglyceride level? (You should pay attention to this too for your own sake)

  • Drank a once-off medicine to lower my Triglyceride level, called Lipida or something
  • Change the milk on my morning coffee from a full cream milk to skinny milk
  • Eat healthier breakfast (cereals and oatmeal apart from croissants, donuts, and fried dim sim)
  • Eat less KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) – from twice a week to once a month
  • Exercise more (I play badminton every Sunday now after church)
  • Eat less deep fried food and fats as much as I can
  • Drink fish oil tablets every now and then
  • Drink less sugary drink (Coke Zero instead of the regular Coke, etc)

Alright, I better stop now as this is supposed to be a technology blog, not a health or dieting blog :)

However, thanks for all of your support and concern on my health so far. If you never take care of your health, then it’s about time that you do before you regret it! Watch what you are eating, and stay healthy! God bless!

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