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Security Master Review

Secure and Optimise your Android phone with Security Master

Security Master Review - Ah, the joy of having an Android phone. With flexibilities and power, come malicious threats and complexity slow-downs if you...
Malware Fox Review

Is MalwareFox Safe? Tested and Reviewed!

Note: This is a guest post written by George MalwareFox is an Anti-Malware that has been creating buzz in Cyber security industry for some time now....

Tunnelier, an alternative to WinSCP

If you are working with multiple LINUX and Windows machines at the same time, then there is a chance that you are using WinSCP....

Finder with tabs in Mac OS

Fancy to have some tabs on your Mac OS' Finder? Then look no further than the TotalFinder app. The TotalFinder application for Mac OS...
1Password Vault

Is 1Password the best Password Manager around?

1Password Review - After reading the list of worst passwords in 2015, you should either laugh at it or better, get shocked seeing your...

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Review

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Review - The Adobe Premiere Elements software "series" (check my previous Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Review) have been popular among...