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Travel in 3D

Whether you are on the search of new and exciting travel ground with a view to booking your next overseas excursion, or whether you...

What to look for in a digital camera

Note: This is a guest post written by Sonia M Choosing a digital camera can be a difficult process, especially if you don’t understand all...

E.ON Innovation project–submit future home ideas and it will be turned...

  E.ON, a company based in the UK, is launching a cool project called E.ON Innovation consists of 5 challenges which are linked to “Home of the...

Happy Birthday, to Me! :)

Today is my birthday and when I think about it, this blog is already about 1 year old too. I know I should have...
pulse runit point of sale

Point of Sale on the iPhone/iPad?

I thought that a point of sale system would be on the iPhone (or iPad), sooner or later. It came sooner than expected as I realized that a point of sale software company has already made an app available on the iTunes store, developed by RunIt.com. A pos (acronym of point of sale) system, in case you are not aware of the term, is the one you normally see on the counter when you are shopping on a supermarket or a shop. The staffs are most likely using a pos software to scan your items, get the prices, deduct the items automatically from the inventory, print the receipts, and all that.
LoveFilm - watch online

Blu-ray, 3D and online

There is little doubt that the capacity to watch films online reliably and inexpensively is a radical step forward for the movie industry, and...