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2 overlooked WordPress plug-ins

Just found these 2 plug-ins recently and I'm pretty sure some of you may have not heard about these plug-ins as they may not...

WordPress Pagination Plugin on your Posts

If you blog using WordPress, you'll notice that the default Pagination (the page navigation on your blog or posts) style is not that pretty. It's...

Wanna be a great blogger? Be a turtle!

Does being persistent help you to be a great blogger? Maybe. One thing I know for sure, being persistent is one of the "must-to-do"...

Want to be a great blogger? Be an ant!

This is my second "Wanna be a Great blogger" series (by following examples of an animal). From the book of Proverbs: Go to the ant, you...

A site about how to increase your traffic

After posting my last month's traffic statistics, I suddenly remember this informative site that I meant to share last month. The site is called...

Free 100 Top/Best WordPress Themes

Do you blog with the Wordpress blogging system? Smashing Magazine has compiled 100 free Wordpress Themes just for you! There are professional themes, magazine-style themes...