Belkin Shield Eclipse for iPhone 4 review

Bekin Shield Eclipse ReviewHere is the dilemma: protect my iPhone 4 with a case but sacrificing the aesthetics OR use my beautiful-looking iPhone 4 as it is, hoping that it will never fall or get scratches? Why not combine the best of both worlds? Belkin Shield Eclipse tries to solve this dilemma with its Belkin Shield Eclipse case. Available in different colors, the Belkin Shield Eclipse Case protects your iPhone 4 without sacrificing too much of its aesthetics.

Belkin Shield Eclipse utilizes a dual design: a hard clear shell at the top and a soft touch grip at the bottom (for the back of the case)

Belkin Shield Eclipse Review CaseBelkin Shield Eclipse Review Case Front

The top of the back case is made with hard plastic so you can still see the Apple logo and also makes it easier to slide out of your pants’ pocket. The plastic itself is durable but unfortunately a bit prone to scratches, even if you never actually abuse the case. The scratches, thankfully, are minor ones and cannot be easily seen unless you look at them real close under a bright light:

Belkin Shield Eclipse Review - Scratches

Belkin Shield Eclipse case is made with a TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethanes) material, providing a scratch and shock resistant material in case you ever drop your iPhone 4.

Belkin Shield Eclipse Review dual design

The case itself covers the back and the surroundings. It has the right cut-offs for the iPhone 4 ports, camera/flash,  jacks, and a few buttons (such as the volume and the wake/standby); they are nicely protected by the TPU material. Unlike the Belkin Grip Vue, however, it’s much easier to press the wake/standby button as I find that I don’t need to give an extra force for the button to register. The mute toggle button still requires a finger nail to access but even when I have my nails cut short, I can still access the toggle button quite easily.

Belkin Shield Eclipse Review - toggle muteBelkin Shield Eclipse Review - power button

Belkin Shield Eclipse Review - usb portIMG_4732

It’s very easy to put the Belkin Shield Eclipse case on and it’s also easy to take it off (normally happens when you want to show off the beautiful iPhone 4 design without the case).

Belkin Shield Eclipse Review Conclusion

Belkin Shield EclipseBelkin Shield Eclipse is one of the most beautiful TPU case out there for the iPhone 4. The design is quite unique, giving you a clear top so you can still see the Apple’s logo and at the same time giving you a colorful surface at the bottom part of the design (which is available in different colors. Hoping they will add more colors in the future). The one I have on my screenshots is the Belkin Shield Eclipse Pearl White. I was expecting it to be more “white” like on their product page photo on the left, but I was a bit disappointed because it looks more like a clear color.

The Belkin Shield Eclipse gives a good grip on the iPhone 4, which is normally lacking thanks to the slippery iPhone 4 sides. It also gives good protection to the back of the iPhone 4 so I can comfortably put it on any surface. The hard plastic material is quite prone to scratches though but so far I’ve only got minor scratches on it and they cannot be easily seen anyway. The dual design allows you to take the iPhone 4 out of your pocket easily, thanks  to the plastic material on the top of the case.

I can vouch for the quality of the case’s material. Although I don’t normally like a TPU case on my phones ever, I fell in love with Belkin Shield Eclipse and so did my friends who saw it for the first time.

Note: Sample unit provided for the review


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