• Microsoft updates Office 6.1 for PocketPC

    Microsoft has given a free update for PocketPC’s Microsoft Office Mobile to version 6.1. It  will now support Microsoft Office 2007 document file such as .docx and other extensions. Read more to find out what else is new and where to grab it.

  • The Witcher Review (PC)

    The Witcher is an adult RPG (Role Playing Game) sets in medieval era. Witches, Knights, Vampires, Elves, Dwarves, you name it. “Wait… Adult RPG? What do you mean?” The Witcher contains nudity (if you grab the uncensored European version), a few mild sex scenes, and “violent” languages in its dialogues. It has a good story…

  • Borders Discount Coupons

    I’ve attached in this post Two Border coupons: a 30% OFF for books and a 40% OFF for CDs /DVDs Only valid for Borders in Australia until 6/12/2007.

  • Download Camtasia Studio for FREE!

    Camtasia Studio is a software to create on-screen videos (which are useful to create video tutorials). They are currently offering a free version 3.1.3 Camtasia (it’s on version 5 at the moment). The catch? Of course none. They want you try their version 3.1.3 software, hoping you to upgrade to their latest version. It’s quite…

  • 8800GT Graphics Card Hype

    8800GT Graphics Card Hype

    If you have a friend who is following the latest and greatest in computer hardware and you ask a question “Hey, I want to upgrade my video card, what should I buy that is not too expensive but still being a good card?”. You’ll get one answer. NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT. This card is still new…

  • WordPress Theme Contest!

    LunarPages (where this blog is hosted), is having a WordPress Theme Contest until 22nd January 2008! If you are a WordPress Theme designer (and I know there are so many of you out there!), why don’t you submit your site for nothing and who knows if you win!

  • WLM 9 Beta New Features

    These are the new features in WLM 9 (currently in pre-beta stage) that are posted around the web.    

  • Safari 3.0.4 impression

    Apple released a new version of Safari web browser (for PC) a couple of weeks ago. I have tried and installed the previous versions and my impressions were mixed. There were "the goods" and "the bads". It was still buggy and felt unresponsive at times. So when they announced a new version release, I was…

  • Software Development Joke

    Some of you may have seen this before, but I put this up in case you haven’t. WARNING! Only a hardcore software developer or those who work in software development project can understand this joke :D ‘

  • Live Messenger 9 (WLM 9) Beta Invites

    It seems that some people have already received an invitation email from Microsoft for a beta test of WLM (Windows Live Messenger 9)! Unfortunately, it’s not on Microsoft Connect site, so you just have to click on the refresh button of your inbox and pray that you are selected (if you are enthusiastic about the…

  • Funny stickman jokes

    Funny stickman jokes

    Funny stickman jokes – Simple, but funny & creative jokes :) There are so many jokes that we can read and laugh about on the net these days, but stickman jokes are probably the most classic jokes I’ve ever found out about. No fuzz, no sex, or dirty jokes. Simply classic, natural, and you can…

  • WordPress Pagination Plugin on your Posts

    If you blog using WordPress, you’ll notice that the default Pagination (the page navigation on your blog or posts) style is not that pretty. It’s quite plain and sometimes it’s even unnoticable. I’ve found out as well that 50% of my readers who read an article on my first page does not read the second…