• A good free tool for your Windows housekeeping

    Glary Utilities is the #1 free, powerful and all-in-one utility in the world market! It offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. Well alright, that’s what every software claims. They are #1, they are the best, and the only tool that can do the …

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  • Don’t like WordPress “Fresh” administration theme? Try Fluency

    Don’t like WordPress “Fresh” administration theme? Try Fluency

    If you hate the not-so-“Fresh” theme of the new WordPress, why don’t you try Fluency Admin plug-in? It’s compatible with the latest WordPress 2.5 and offers a cooler look-and-feel Administration color themes and panels for you. You simply activate the plug-in and that’s it!

  • Guess the right girl

    A friend sent me this to my email. There are 7 boys and only 1 girl in the attached picture. Can you find out who is the girl?

  • Microsoft has officially announced Windows Mobile 6.1 launch!

    PocketPC with Windows Mobile 6 installed can now rejoice! Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows Mobile 6.1 officially! Windows Mobile 6.1 offers a more stable OS, new IE features such as zooming capabilities when browsing pages, built-in task manager, updates to Windows Live search, and also threaded SMS messaging (conversation)!

  • My impression on the new Avast 4.8

    Avast is one of the most popular FREE antivirus solution around (apart from AVG antivirus).  It has now gone from Avast 4.7 to Avast 4.8. The 0.1 increment may not seem much, but in fact, Avast 4.8 is a great jump from 4.7! Avast 4.8 now has anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and strong self-protection.

  • Tower Defense Flash Game

    Here is something for you to play with, when you are bored. It’s another of those “Tower Defense” games. Never played a Tower Defense game before? It’s basically a game where you need to set-up defenses by buying towers and upgrading them to prevent monsters/creeps to go through until the end. Have a play :) …

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  • My Blog’s March 2008 Statistics

    My Blog’s March 2008 Statistics

    Google Analytics March 2008 Traffic Graph It’s April 2008. A lot of things were happening to my blog last month. Good things. A boost of traffic, a boost of Alexa ranking, a boost to my EntreCard popularity, and a boost of my blog exposure to the web! It was a good month. 

  • How to enable Gravatar on WordPress 2.5

    So you have heard that WordPress 2.5 has a built-in Gravatar feature? So you have tried enabling it on the Administration Settings (Settings->Discussion->Show Avatars) but no pictures are being displayed at all?  I was on the same boat like you. Do you know that you still have to insert a code snippet on your comments.php …

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  • WordPress 2.5 Review/Impression

    WordPress 2.5 Review/Impression

    So, here is another of those WordPress 2.5 Review/Impression posts that you have already found lingering around the whole web :D Yes, it is big, at least on the Administration side of it. If you are just a reader, you’ll probably won’t notice the change at all at your end. If you are a WordPress …

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  • WordPress 2.5 release!

    If you are blogging using the WordPress system, you must have heard or at least notice that there is a new version of WordPress available, i.e version 2.5!  I’m planning to update my blog to version 2.5 probably tomorrow. So expect a little downtime and maintenance. This release is quite big, so I’m expecting the …

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  • Escape From Prison Joke

    It’s Friday night, time for some good laughs or smiles :) Here is good joke about a man who escapes from a prison and meets a couple. A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple …

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  • Free Enterprise PHP Magazine

    Free Enterprise PHP Magazine just for you! It doesn’t matter where you live, you can grab the free magazine after filling in a survey. The survey was fairly short, probably only took 2-3 minutes to fill. If you are a PHP developer or someone who involves on the management where your products/services revolve around PHP …

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