Think of a character and I’ll guess it!

Think of a character and I’ll guess it!


Guessing Game

Akinator guess a character game – “Think of a character and I’ll guess it!” That is the promise of Akinator, a virtual genie, designed by genius programmers. Basically, you think of a character in your mind and Akinator will try to guess it through a series of questions.

This Akinator guess a character game is really fun and it’s really smart. You HAVE to try it at least once, you’ll be amazed :D

Akinator web genie - ask questionsWhen I say think of any character, ANY character. It can be real or fictional. It can be an anime character or even comic book characters. Actors, actresses, models, even your personal life characters (not names of course, but something like your sister, your husband, your boss, and others).

From every question, you simply have to answer “Yes”, “Probably/Partially”, “I don’t know”, “Probably not/Not really”, or “No”.

The more accurate your answer is, the quicker Akinator can guess who the character is that you have in mind.

The questions asked are generic at first but will become more specific after a few questions such as this:

Angelina Jolie

Normally, it takes 5-20 questions for Akinator to be able to guess your character. So far he’s been able to answer almost all characters that I tested it on. He couldn’t guess one of them because I fed him wrong information a few times :( my fault.

Some characters that I tested him on this Akinator guess a character game:

Akinator guessing DoraemonAkinatorAkinator guess Angelina Jolie

Akinator - The Girl you wantAkinator - YouAkinator guess boomer

akinator guessing dory

What are you waiting for? Test him out now on this great and fun Akinator guess a character game and have some fun :D Oh don’t forget to come back here to write how amazed you were :)

Akinator – Guess a Character Game


  1. I went for Millard Filmore, who is probably not the famous US president, and the program correctly guessed him.
    It did less well with Bill Adama (from BSG) as it guessed his son, but still impressively close

  2. wow I picked Ryan Gosling who is not that very famous actor but he guessed it in like 2 minutes! *amazed*

    EDIT: tried Rachel McAdams the second time and he guessed it so fast as well even though most of my answers were vague…

  3. I picked Ben Whishaw (a fairly unknown British actor) and he guessed wrong. He asked me if it was Christian Bale. After clicking ‘no’ and answering more questions (= a lot more) he got it right.

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