How to stop annoying game invitations from friends on Facebook

Facebook game notification

Sometimes, friends of yours on Facebook will recommend (or invite) you to play a game that he/she plays. This is fine, but at times, it can be quite annoying if you are the type who don’t like to play games.  Or perhaps you just can’t be bothered and don’t want your Facebook notifications to be cluttered by these invites.

You can of course ignore them but there is a better option. How about block these Facebook game notifications for good?

How to stop annoying game invitations from friends on Facebook

1) When you receive the notification to play a particular game on your Facebook account, click on the cross button next to the notification of the game.

Facebook -Cross button

2) You will be asked to confirm that you want to turn off notifications from that particular Facebook game

Facebook -turn off notification

Simply click the Turn Off button and that should be it! Easy, right? Were you expecting a more complicated process?

Repeat this process for every Facebook game that your friends invite you to play on. Enjoy!

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