Opera 10 is out – with Turbo

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opera 10 logo

Opera 10 is finally out! This time, it is tagged “Turbo” because the new version utilizies what Opera called a “Turbo” technology which I’ll explain later in this post. The Opera 10 has a new design, faster browsing speed, and loads of other new features!

What’s new in Opera 10

Opera Turbo
Opera Turbo is a new technology that uses compression technology and gives significant boosts to browsing speeds in slow internet connections. It uses an “intermediary” server that compresses the data from the original site you want to view and serves you the same data in a much smaller size. I’m a bit skeptical about the security but I’m positive that secure data will not go through the Opera Turbo Server at all. Would love your opinion if you know more about this.

How Opera turbo works

New Visual Tabs and Sleek Design
Opera comes with new user interface layout and design, making it looks sleeker and more elegant. It also comes with new thumbnail previews and resizeable tabs:

Opera 10 Thumbnail preview

Roll over on a Tab to see the thumbnail preview

or resize the tab so you’ll always see a thumbnail of your opened tabs:

Opera 10 Resized Tabs

Kewl looking tabs at the price of space

Opera 10 Auto Update

Opera 10 now has an auto update function and allows you to be updated all the time with the latest and greatest version of future Opera. You don’t even need to close your current Opera session while the update is being downloaded and installed. What Opera says:

The new version will be downloaded and installed automatically. While you are downloading it, you can continue browsing. Opera will be updated after a restart, at which time you will need to know the administrator password.

opera 10 auto update

There are other new features and improvements, so feel free to head off to Opera 10 features page.

With Chrome, Safari, Flock, Firefox, and other browsers, it’ll be hard to compete but the Turbo technology is definitely a plus side for people with slow internet connection and Opera 10 is a force to be reckoned with!

For home use though, I’ll stick with my Firefox and its lovely extensions that I can’t live without.

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  • http://www.niharsworld.com/ Nihar

    Yeah. i have also checked the browser. it looks cool.
    .-= Nihar´s last blog ..Opera releases Opera 10 Final Now Available for Download =-.

  • http://blog.uprinting.com Marq | UPrinting.com

    Opera 10 looks great! The features are excellent and the design is neat! Looks like they really want to emphasize on “Turbo”.
    .-= Marq | UPrinting.com´s last blog ..14 Business Card Designs in Dark Colors =-.

  • http://www.jasonzuckerman.com/ Jay Zuck

    I hadn’t considered the potential security issues from turbo, but your keen tech eye is better than mine. All in all Opera is pretty slick and continues to be one of my favorite browsers.
    .-= Jay Zuck´s last blog ..Jason, Where Have You Been? =-.

    • http://www.cravingtech.com/blog Michael Aulia

      Well it was just a concern which I’m sure has been addressed by Opera. If not, we’d already see the headline news on every tech blogs/websites :D

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com Harsh Agrawal

    I tried Opera 10 Turbo and I like its image compression technology but I think turbo is over hyped since it does not create lots of difference here. Same difference can be achieved by using lots of plugins in Mozilla..
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Optimize Your WordPress Image Gallery : Smush.it WordPress Plugin =-.

    • http://www.cravingtech.com/blog Michael Aulia

      I guess you’ll notice it in a 56k dialup connection? I mean, nowadays we’ve been using ADSL2+ or T3 or whatever that 1/5 second faster doesn’t really count as much :D

  • Sela Taiana

    Have downloaded the Opera 10 and have turned on Opera Turbo but error message below kept coming up ” Opera Turbo is currently not available.It was not possible to establish a connection”. Not sure which connection is this as i am surfing the net using turbo, any suggestion?

    • http://www.cravingtech.com/blog Michael Aulia

      Can you still browse the internet without the “Turbo” being enabled? Opera Turbo technology supposed to connect to an Opera server to compress the data so I guess the Opera server was down when you saw that message

  • Abhilash T

    Not correct, there is some issue in turbo. I always get this “currently not available message” don’t no why. By the way i am from india and I use an EDGE connection over Your Freedom client(something like a free internet). I guess since i am using a proxy that may be the reason. My opinion is that TURBO is not required for a fast connection, but if you are in a 56k dial up it’s a must. Anyway cheers ti Opera Guys …..I love it..

    • Hamish

      I have been trying to use Opera Turbo with Opera 10 for the past week – we have just gone over our bandwidth and have been slowed to dial up speeds. Every day for the past week Turbo keeps saying “It was not possible to establish connection” but I can browse normally without Turbo, its just really slow. Its the first time its done it like that before in Opera, it might be a problem with my computer – maybe a firewall issue???? I use Windows XP Pro SP3 with Opera 10.

      Also, in relation to security … Opera Turbo does not work with HTTPS sites (ie, sites with SSL security) so I suppose makes it safe, means Opera can’t take your passwords etc

  • tuod

    I have been experiencing a lot of errors and automated shutdowns on Opera 10 hope they will come up with patches for these