How to connect MacBook Air’s USB to RJ45 (Ethernet)

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MacBook Air USB to RJ45 Ethernet AdapterSo you’ve just bought the wonderfully thin and fast MacBook Air and stumbled into one problem: it doesn’t have an RJ45 (Ethernet) slot! Of course, with everything being wireless nowadays, who needs one? Well, you do! Not every place gives you a free Wi-Fi connection as some old airports, libraries, or cafes allow you to set-up your notebook or MacBook only with an Ethernet connection through the RJ45 cable (that Blue colored network cable, if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Your option if you have the MacBook Air, is to buy a USB to RJ45 (Ethernet) adapter (Yes, who knew such a thing exists?). You can get one from the Apple’s store but why pay $29 if you can get it for $7?

I bought my MacBook Air’s USB to RJ45 (Ethernet) adapter from DealExtreme – USB 2.0 10/100Mbps RJ45 LAN Ethernet Network Adapter Dongle for just $7.69 (including free shipping to anywhere in the world). Of course, the build quality is different than Apple’s official USB to RJ45 adapter and this one requires a once-off driver installation (not to mention a 2-3 weeks delivery time), but with the spare $20, you can get yourself another accessory for your MacBook Air :)

The adapter includes a CD but of course, MacBook Air does not have a CD/DVD slot! Thankfully, someone suggested on the product page where to download the USB to RJ45 driver for the Mac OS. After I installed the driver on my MacBook Air, it worked right away.

So if you want to save some dollars to get a USB to RJ45 (Ethernet) adapter for your MacBook Air, be sure to get one from Deal Extreme’s.

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  • dragos

    Hey. You can send me on mail the driver for mac os x? Thank you!

    • Michael Aulia

      Hi Dragos, I’m not sure if I’ve got the right file, but I think this is the one. I’ve uploaded just now to

      Can you give it a try and let me know if that works?

  • Matheus Ashton

    Hey, the link that you posted is broken, can you send me the driver by email?


    • Michael Aulia

      I’ve uploaded the file just now to
      Can you give it a try and let me know if that works?

    • Paul Isaac

      I didn’t get on with this download, and the stuff that came on the disk also didn’t work (even after I spent an hour figuring it all out).
      However, this still has a happy ending. The manufacturer driver download worked right away. If you are tight fisted like me and want to save $20 connecting your Macbook Air via Ethernet then go here: for the download.

      This took me an hour, and my hourly rate is somewhat more than that. Dang! Still, good tip for the next person.


  • jonnydoe

    How did you download a driver for your network connection, before having a network connection? Goes to show the only way to fix a computer is with a working one… and the only way to set up an internet connection is with an existing one.

    • Michael Aulia

      I guess that’s the tricky bit. You need to have another spare computer – or borrow someone else’s and copy the driver to a USB drive