Google Chrome Background Themes

Google Chrome Themes

Want to change your Google Chrome Background? Google provides some Google Chrome background themes for their official web browser but all I can say is “ewww..”, no hard feelings to the artists though but I’ve tried some of the good ones (or so I thought) and none suited my taste. So I went back to the old Google Chrome Background basic theme instead. It appears that Google Chrome theme engine does not really support changing its background theme too much like Mozilla Firefox.

How to change Google Chrome Backgrounds

If you want to have a try changing your Google Chrome theme with the Google Chrome Background Themes however, feel free to. You might need to switch to the Chrome Beta or Developer channel though to grab them (or at least using Google Chrome version Source: Official Google Blog

To change Google Chrome Background, click on that wrench icon and go to Options. Choose the “Personal Stuff” from the options and you should see the area where you can change the Themes.

Google Chrome Background

Click on the “Get themes” link and it should take you to the Google Chrome themes gallery where you can simply pick a theme and change your Google Chrome Background themes.

The themes are sorted by either Artists (from designers around the world) and themes by Google (which are mostly themes of different colors and gradient backgrounds). The themes by Artists provide varieties such as from Anime, Celebrities, and others. Click on a theme and Google Chrome will automatically change its theme accordingly. You can then decide whether to keep the theme or discard it away with just a click of a button. It’s that simple. This way, you can preview lots of themes and then pick one that looks the best.

Firefox themes are definitely tons better than Google Chrome themes but changing Google Chrome Backgrounds can never be easier here, compared to Firefox.



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  • Nihar

    Thanks for the update.

    I am subscribed to google official blog but missed this news.

    WIll check this.
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  • Harsh Agrawal

    I remember last time when I tried to change Firefox theme and it become incredible slow.. I might leave Chrome as it is, as I love its rendering speed.. Don’t want to mess this one …
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  • Candace

    Thank you for the information. Short and to the point. I actually found quite a few that I like.

  • Bonnie

    Funny you should mention the “ewww” I also went through every wallpaper, I thought I would like..either the colors gagged me or they were way too busy. oh well, I went back to the original as well.

  • Melanie

    i love google chrome…

  • kamal

    i know how to use for website background theame chamge script please send me more details

  • Gail

    how to show the theme background? when i chose a theme, it just appears on the upper bar and no background picture when i open up google chrome, its just plain white!

  • hatan

    i spent much find how to chnge google background but still i didn’t find!

  • Douglas

    Why is it when i want to change my theme on my google crome browser i pick a nice one but it only shows the theme only at the top of the page…the rest of the page stays white..

  • Abdulqader Kapadia

    This is great tip. I am a Chrome user and I like keeping fresh backgrounds on my devices, browsers, etc. Thanks!