Get a Microsoft TechNet Polo Shirt

Microsoft Technet FlashThe TechNet Australia Blog from the Microsoft TechNet team in Australia has a Polo shirt to give away. The requirement is to simply choose a banner (they call it the “Bling”) and put it somewhere on your blog/site. You can even write a post like this and put up the banner on the post.

Check out the offer (Australian only) at Microsoft TechNet Australia blog. I’ll be waiting for my Polo shirt now ;)

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  • Van

    Oops.. Fantastic info! But..It’s for Aussies only ^^ I’m not in this battle!

  • uaq

    Nice, i LOVE freebies :) , but then, i don’t have a blog….

  • wiehanne

    PS How can I get that little cloud before the comment link on the blog? Is that Haloscan and Blog template?

  • Dennis Edell

    Bummer no US :(

  • Michael Aulia

    Just to let you guys know that I’ve got the t-shirt today ;)

  • Anthony @ iPod Market Australia

    Awesome, Microsoft T-Shirts Rock. Always look good on when turning up for a Job.

    • Michael Aulia

      ..or geeky lol

  • Arun

    I wish MS India is listening !!! :)

    • Michael Aulia

      lol usually it’s the U.S who can get good stuffs