Craving Tech in the year 2012

Craving Tech 2012 traffic

Last year, Craving Tech had around 1.3 million visitors from around the globe with around 1.7 million page views. I would like to thank every one of you for your loyalty and love to this blog for the past year.

As the year went by, Craving Tech’s traffic had been steady, thanks to the exciting giveaways on this blog. I was also introduced with many new fans and people from around the globe through the giveaways. Thank you for sponsoring great prizes at Craving Tech (for the sponsors) and also for participating in the giveaways (that’s you guys).

Craving Tech’s 2012 Traffic & Site Statistics

59,785 Alexa Rank and a total of 1,348,123 visitors (1,236,969 unique) and 1,684,660 pageviews; consist of:

  • 1,093,296 search engine visitors
  • 137,681 referral traffic visitors
  • 116,384 direct traffic visitors
  • 762 visit from campaigns (whatever this means?)

Social networks:

I’m planning to collaborate with a few other bloggers like Justin from Dragon Blogger and Tuan from TechWalls to organise awesome gadget giveaways per month (not just software licenses) or so this year. I hope it keeps you excited for the next year to come!

Happy new year 2013 from Craving Tech and looking forward to keep on serving you with goodies, reviews, and technology updates here on this blog.

If you are new here and would like to know more about myself or Craving Tech, don’t hesitate to have a quick peek at the About page.

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Michael Aulia

Owner, Founder at Craving Tech
A technology enthusiast, blogger, gamer, and reviewer. Proud owner of Craving Tech


  1. says

    Amazing stats Michael ! Over 1.3 million of visitors per year.. wow
    I have visited your blog few times but this is first comment.. Congrats and keep it up for a new year ahead :D

    PS: I’m Tuan’s friend :) Just come back to the blogsphere after dealing with university entrance exam :D

    • says

      Hey :D Glad you took the step to write a comment! Thanks for the compliment. I know other blogs get that many in a month but maybe one day it’ll get there

      Hope you can get to the university that you want!

  2. says

    Congrats Michael,
    Your traffic is twice as much as mine. 1 million visits is huge and it must have taken you years to build the readers’ base. I could get rid of 9-5 job if I get that traffic. :D
    Wish you the best in the new year and particularly our giveaways in 2013. :)

    • says

      Ow, I wish you can tell me what to do with all these traffic! Most of them come from search engines though, so they sort of come and go after getting the info they are searching for

      As such, I still have to reply on my full time job :(

  3. says

    Great stats Michael. I guess the traffic was awesome and consistent throughtout the whole year. And yeah, you said campaigning traffic, does that mean you ran Adwords campaigns to fetch traffic ?

    • says

      That’s the thing, I never ran any Adwords campaign at all. I remember playing around with some settings on the Analytics long time ago, so maybe it was still there (just couldn’t be bothered to find out where and remove it)

    • says

      Yeah, I would love that too! Alas, I’m not an expert in design and CSS so it may or may not be happening :(

      I upgraded to Thesis 2.0 theme in hope that I can design something by myself easily. Up til now, I still haven’t had the chance to really dig through the manuals and how-to

  4. says

    Hey Michael congrats! Your blogs seems quite interesting. This is the first time I am reading your blog and the increased fans and people show your hard word to achieve this. Happy New Year Michael.

  5. says

    wow!Congrats Mike.Still awesome traffic stats, I supposed you’re income have such digits too..we’re excited for your coming giveaways hopefully all can join..ty

  6. says

    Awesome stats’s I am happy to see my favorite blog growing and will love to see this stats going to be double in upcoming year :) ) :) : Best of luck

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